The UAE's capabilities in cultivated meat will advance through a partnership between AGWA (AgriFood Growth & Water Abundance), Abu Dhabi's latest food and water hub, and Believer Meats, a prominent player in the cultivated meat sector. Cultivated meat is lab-produced directly from animal cells, bypassing the need to raise live animals for food. Given the rising environmental awareness and evolving dietary trends, this collaboration aims to establish a robust model for lab-grown meat to penetrate and grow within the region and various markets. AGWA will collaborate with Believer Meats to set up regulatory frameworks and halal certification standards for cultivated meat in Abu Dhabi. AGWA is committed to pioneering innovations in alternative proteins, functional ingredients, algae farming, and reverse osmosis membranes, alongside improving traditional food and water production and supply. Believer Meats is dedicated to developing the most efficient and scalable cell-cultivation technology to produce safe, healthy, and delicious cultivated meat. The company is currently building the world's largest cultivated meat facility in North Carolina, USA, following its series B funding in 2021, backed by ADM, S2G Ventures, and others. This facility will include a cutting-edge innovation center and tasting kitchen, slated to open by the end of 2024. Alongside AGWA's mission to spearhead global food security and water scarcity solutions, this partnership could enhance Believer Meats' presence in the MENA region. Believer Meats plans to establish regional headquarters in Abu Dhabi to support commercial manufacturing and R&D operations, creating job opportunities and industry-leading capabilities. Badr Al-Olama, Director General of the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO), stated, "When Abu Dhabi launched AGWA, it aimed to attract top innovators in food and water. Our alliance with Believer Meats exemplifies this goal. A base in Abu Dhabi will allow Believer Meats to rapidly and safely introduce the best cultivated meat innovations to the entire region, significantly reducing reliance on food imports." Gustavo Burger, CEO of Believer Meats, noted, "Collaborating with AGWA is a major stride towards our goal of establishing a global leader in cultivated meat solutions, expanding our reach into strategic markets. This partnership not only facilitates our operational growth but also aligns with our vision of a sustainable and resilient global food system." AGWA, guided by the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) and Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO), is carefully crafted to support both local suppliers and exporters, acting as a platform to maximize commercial prospects. By 2045, AGWA is projected to add Dh90 billion to Abu Dhabi's GDP, generate over 60,000 new jobs, and attract Dh128 billion in investments.