What appeared to be a typical Wednesday night unexpectedly became remarkable for astronomers in the UAE. While observing the sky in Abu Dhabi, they identified a recognizable form: a hamburger. Dr. Anas Sawalha from the International Astronomy Centre (IAC) shared an image on Thursday showcasing a starry sky with two luminous discs that resemble a 'sandwich' — upon closer inspection, one can discern the hamburger shape. Dr. Sawalha explained that this phenomenon is known as 'Gomez's Hamburger,' named after its discoverer, Artura Gomez. This object envelops a nascent star. According to the expert, it is thought that from this disc, an entire star system, including planets, asteroids, and comets, will develop. Initially, it was thought to be a planetary nebula, but recent research has shown otherwise. From the Seal Astronomical Observatory in Abu Dhabi, experts observed the 'cloud of dust and gas surrounding the star, which manifests as a straight void between the two luminous sections.' The bright areas at either end of the void are gases ionized by the intense radiation typically associated with newborn stars, creating the 'hamburger' shape. This unique 'hamburger' appeared diminutive due to its distance of 900 light-years and was located in the Sagittarius constellation.