As Eid approaches, businesses across various sectors in the UAE are gearing up for a surge in activity. Here's what some major players in the region are anticipating for the upcoming Eid celebrations. Smita Mehta, Co-Founder of Big Balloon, shared, 'Despite 30-40% of the population preferring outdoor activities, we predict a 10-15% rise in participation this Eid compared to recent months. Our Big Balloon ride, offering stunning views of the Al-Majaz skyline and Sharjah coastline, is a unique experience. This Eid, families can view the Sharjah Corniche from 200 feet up for just AED 50. We also offer kids' games like go-carting and water sports for AED 20, free train rides, and henna for ladies. Additionally, we are collaborating with Red Crescent to gather donations for families in Gaza. We foresee this Eid as a fantastic opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts,' said Smita Mehta. Soham Shah, CEO and Founder of, noted, 'We expect 65% of UAE visitors during Eid Al Adha to be from GCC countries, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman, likely opting for our car rental services. Understanding the significance of smooth travel during Eid, our diverse fleet and dedication to customer satisfaction will ensure a memorable and stress-free holiday. We anticipate a 30% increase in rental demand over the Eid period,' said Soham Shah. Vinayak Mahtani, CEO of bnbme holiday homes, stated, 'Our focus this year is on expanding our portfolio in prime locations like Downtown Dubai, Marina, The Palm, and Jumeirah Village Circle. We're seeing a mix of leisure and business travelers, along with families moving to Dubai, many from Germany, the UK, India, and the USA. With Eid falling during summer holidays, we expect a boost in business. To double our portfolio, we plan to improve customer service, increase marketing, and seek strategic investments and partnerships to serve our varied clientele,' said Vinayak Mahtani.