Festivals in the UAE have commenced to celebrate the arrival of the king of fruits. Attendees can savor various mango-based treats and acquire their preparation methods, along with winning numerous prizes and giveaways. A variety of mangoes, primarily from India, Pakistan, and Yemen, are now available, with prices ranging from Dh4 per kilogram to Dh620 for two 800-gram Miyazakai mangoes. Additional mango varieties are anticipated to arrive in the coming months.

On July 5 and 6, the Pakistan Association Dubai, in collaboration with the Consulate General of Pakistan, will host the 'Connecting Hearts – Mangolicious Way' mango festival at their Oud Metha location. The first day is by invitation only, while the second day welcomes the public. Activities include sampling Pakistani mango varieties, observing chefs prepare mango dishes, learning mango recipes, and enjoying mango desserts, along with giveaways, shopping, magic shows, and games.

The 3rd annual Mango Festival 2024 will take place from June 28-30 at Expo Khorfakkan, showcasing local mango varieties and hosting competitions with prizes. Competitions include a mango beauty contest, a women's mango basket contest, and a children's artwork contest. The festival will operate from 4:30 pm to 10 pm daily, featuring agricultural companies, farmers, and productive families displaying their fruit harvests.

The Mango Festival's organising committee has established rules for the mango beauty contest, requiring participants to provide this season's mangoes from their own farms or home gardens, with proof of ownership. Each participant can enter one mango variety, and winning entries will be inspected by a jury. Mangoes must be unblemished, of suitable size, and presented in carton boxes, weighing 4 kilograms each.

The 'Most Beautiful Basket' contest, exclusive to women, mandates locally produced mangoes this year, with participants limited to one handmade basket not exceeding 4 kilograms. The 'Most Beautiful Artwork for Children' contest is open to children aged 8 to 12, requiring an Emirates ID and a mango-themed artwork submission.

The President Hotel in Dubai is hosting its Mango Festival until mid-July, featuring a special mango menu at two of its outlets, with dish prices ranging from Dh24 to Dh49.