The Cyber Security Council of UAE has released an advisory encouraging citizens and residents to uphold their online security and safeguard their digital financial transactions during Eid Al Adha. The authority has highlighted the necessity of taking precautions, especially during the festive season when cyber-attack threats increase. They emphasized the importance of protecting personal information to prevent such attacks, particularly with the growing trend of digital transactions. In an awareness post, the council advised residents to stay informed and adopt good security practices to ensure a secure online experience. They stressed the importance of checking the authenticity of websites by looking for the lock code in the header bar and ensuring there is a 'https' at the beginning of the URL. Online users are reminded to create strong passwords, making unique, complex passwords for each account and avoiding the reuse of passwords across different platforms. Residents were advised to be wary of phishing attempts, not to click on suspicious links, or download from unknown sources, and to refrain from installing untrusted apps or software, only downloading from reputable sources. It is recommended to regularly backup important data and ensure that critical data is backed up. Monitoring financial statements and keeping a close eye on bank and credit card statements is essential. The authority also warned the public against falling for tech support scams, cautioning against unsolicited calls or pop-up messages claiming to be from tech support.