Healthcare professionals in the UAE are encouraging residents to verify that their children's vaccination schedules are current in anticipation of Eid al Adha or summer travel. A significant study soon to be published in The Lancet indicates that worldwide vaccination programs have prevented an estimated 154 million deaths from 1974 to 2024, equating to six lives saved every minute. Of these, 101 million were infants. Doctors in the region also note a substantial number of children who missed routine vaccinations post-Covid-19, leading to outbreaks of diseases like measles, mumps, and rubella. Dr. Renuka Ramasamy, Specialist Family Medicine at International Modern Hospital, Dubai, emphasizes the importance of timely vaccinations to ensure adequate protection before travel. She explains that vaccines work by stimulating the production of antibodies against specific pathogens, providing immunity that can take 2 to 4 weeks to fully develop. Therefore, it is crucial to vaccinate well in advance of travel. Dr. Ramasamy also addresses common parental concerns about vaccination, stating that missed doses do not require restarting the entire series but can be resumed with the next scheduled dose. She highlights the importance of adhering to the World Health Organisation's Expanded Program on Immunisation schedule and recommends specific vaccines based on travel destinations, such as typhoid for Asian and African countries and malaria prophylaxis for endemic areas. Experts advise consulting healthcare professionals or travel clinics for advice on specific travel-related vaccinations, ensuring children are up to date with compulsory vaccines and considering optional vaccines relevant to their travel destination.