The UAE maintains a strict zero-tolerance policy regarding recreational drug use, as outlined in the law on Combating Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances. This law prohibits the production, import, export, transport, purchase, sale, possession, and storage of narcotic and psychotropic substances, except for medical or scientific purposes under strict supervision and regulation. It is crucial for travelers to understand local medication laws, as failure to comply can result in severe consequences. Visitors must carry prescriptions for their medications and ensure they are not classified as controlled substances. Controlled drugs in the UAE are heavily regulated due to their potential for abuse and dependence, and their use, import, and export are closely monitored. Narcotic and psychotropic drugs, classified as controlled drugs (Class A or CDa), are strictly regulated and primarily administered to in-patients with acute or chronic diseases. Semi-controlled drugs (Class B or CDb) are also regulated but less strictly. For controlled and semi-controlled substances, prior approval from the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) is mandatory for residents, tourists, and transit passengers. Non-controlled and over-the-counter medications do not require this approval. The approval process typically requires detailed documentation, including a prescription and a letter from a doctor, with the quantity of medication limited to personal use during the stay in the UAE. To apply for ministry approval, travelers need to provide a prescription and a medical report, both of which must be recent and officially recognized. The permit application process involves logging into the MOHAP website or app, selecting the appropriate service, and submitting the required documents. Applications are typically processed within three working days at no charge. Guidelines for travelers carrying personal medicines into the UAE include carrying necessary documents for controlled medicines, ensuring the quantity does not exceed 30 days of treatment, and presenting these documents to customs upon arrival. For regular prescription-only medicines (POM), travelers can carry up to three months' supply with a valid prescription. Non-registered, cancelled, and certain herbal medicines are prohibited. Medical devices containing medicinal ingredients must also follow specific procedures. For further inquiries, contact the Narcotic and Psychotropic Control Section at the Ministry of Health, UAE.