Approximately 69% of UAE employees, nearly 7 out of 10, feel that it is a favorable year to seek new employment opportunities, marking a nearly 10% rise from 2022, as revealed by a recent Gallup survey. This optimism is notably higher by 36% compared to the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region and by 15% against global sentiments, as per Gallup’s latest State of the Global Workplace report. The UAE’s non-oil sectors, including travel and tourism, hospitality, real estate, and retail, have excelled, surpassing pre-pandemic levels over the past three years. This success has spurred the establishment of new enterprises and attracted foreign investors, thereby increasing job prospects in the country. The population in Dubai, the most populous emirate, has now exceeded 3.7 million. UAE employees also perceive themselves as advancing more rapidly in their careers than their regional and global counterparts. The survey indicates that 50% of UAE employees report being in a state of thriving, a slight increase from the previous year, which is more than double the Mena region's rate and 16% above the global average. Consequently, fewer UAE residents are actively job hunting compared to their international counterparts. The survey data shows that 40% of UAE employees are either looking for or actively pursuing new jobs, which is lower than the regional rate of 48% and the global rate of 52%. Employee engagement in the UAE stands at 29%, making it the highest in the Mena region, up by two points from last year, and significantly surpassing the global average of 23% and the regional average of 14%. Andrew Rzepa, a leading partner in Gallup's global analytics division, emphasized that UAE companies are progressively enhancing workplace engagement and reducing employee negativity, capitalizing on the favorable job market to improve employee engagement and wellbeing. Gallup estimates that low employee engagement costs the global economy $8.9 trillion, equivalent to 9% of global GDP. The survey also highlighted that 52% of Mena workers experienced significant stress the previous day, compared to 33% in the UAE, and 24% of UAE employees reported experiencing a lot of sadness the previous day, while globally, 41% of employees felt stressed.