Approximately 49% of employers in the UAE report that a significant number of expatriates are moving to the country without securing employment beforehand, as revealed by a recent study from recruitment firm Robert Half. Historically, many individuals would enter the UAE on a three-month visit visa, hoping to find employment. Success stories led to employment visas, while others either returned home or accepted lower-paying jobs. In October 2022, the UAE introduced a job exploration visa among other entry permits, facilitating job searches amidst rapid economic growth across various sectors. Gareth El Mettouri, Director for the Middle East at Robert Half, highlighted the appeal of the UAE's climate, tax-free income, and multicultural environment, which attracts expats expecting easy job access. The influx of expat workers has eased hiring for UAE employers, with 52% noting an increase in job applications per role compared to a year ago. This hiring surge benefits businesses, with 43% of employers experiencing quicker candidate placement due to immediate availability, and a third observing expats willing to accept significant pay cuts to secure positions. El Mettouri noted intense job competition, leading many to accept lower salaries or immediate roles, strengthening business positions. Despite the ease in hiring, 71% of UAE hiring managers still face challenges in finding skilled talent. The study also found that 72% of UAE employers plan to hire in the next six months, driven by the robust economy and the need to fill vacant roles or address understaffing issues.