As global audiences prepare for a summer filled with sports, UAE retail investors are strategically adjusting their portfolios. A recent survey by eToro revealed that over 57% of UAE retail investors are currently invested in discretionary consumer goods, with an additional 59% showing interest in the sector during the summer. With the start of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, eToro's analysis indicates that major sportswear brands might see a significant boost in their share prices. The platform created a basket of 10 major sportswear brands, which saw a 11-12% increase in value from June to August in the busy summers of 2016 and 2021, outperforming major stock indices. These summers featured numerous global sports events, providing extensive exposure for top sports brands. In the UAE, events like the Nike Well Festival and the country's successful bid to host the Games of the Future 2025 suggest a growing sports market. Upcoming events like UFC Fight Night and NBA Abu Dhabi Games 2024 further highlight this trend. eToro’s analysis shows that a repeat of previous years' share price increases would be beneficial for sportswear brands, which have collectively returned only 18% to shareholders in the last five years, compared to the S&P 500’s 88%. The sportswear basket has underperformed, down 8% this year compared to the S&P 500’s 10% gains and the FTSE 100’s 7% gains. Despite overall poor performance, individual brand returns varied significantly, with some like Lululemon and Asics performing exceptionally well. eToro Analyst Sam North noted that the upcoming major sports events could significantly boost sales and share prices for these brands, as viewers inspired by the events purchase sports gear. The potential boost is especially welcome given the stagnant performance of these firms over the last five years, despite a pandemic-driven sales surge. With inflation easing and stocks trading at low valuations, there are signs of potential recovery for these brands.