In the UAE, thousands of workers are set to receive training that will enable them to act as first responders should their colleagues experience heat stroke or similar ailments. This initiative was unveiled on Wednesday during the kickoff of the annual 'Heat Exhaustion and Disease Prevention Campaign,' spearheaded by the Ministry of Health and Prevention (Mohap) in partnership with various government bodies. Mira Shuhail, the head of the special programmes division at the health promotion department, stated, 'Up to 6,000 workers will be trained in emergency response for situations like heat exhaustion and heat stroke.' Beginning July 1, teams from government entities, along with medical professionals and experts, will tour worksites and accommodations in Sharjah to educate on heat exhaustion. The campaign will extend across the central region of the emirate, encompassing areas like Al Dhaid and Al Hamriya, as well as the northwestern towns of Kalba, Khorfakkan, Dibba Al Hisn, and others. Shuhail explained, 'The training program is crafted to empower workers with the skills to identify signs of heat stroke, administer first aid, and facilitate prompt medical intervention.' She emphasized that workers are often the first on the scene in emergencies and can provide crucial initial aid before professional medical help arrives. Additionally, health screenings will be conducted for workers as part of the campaign, with Mohammed Al Zarooni, director of the Ministry's Representative Office in Sharjah, noting, 'We will perform health checks such as blood pressure and diabetes screenings to ensure their well-being.' To encourage a healthy lifestyle, the campaign will also address dietary habits, offering free food, juices, and personalized meal plans. Workers will be educated on foods and beverages that can help them cope with high temperatures. Al Zarooni highlighted, 'These resources are designed to educate workers on beneficial foods during summer, focusing on hydration and nutrition. Understanding the importance of a proper diet and self-care will better prepare workers to avoid heat-related illnesses.' The campaign will be promoted across social media platforms, aiming to reach thousands of workers in Sharjah this year, with plans to expand based on demand and the program's success.