The UAE has recently inaugurated its first AI-driven honey testing laboratory in Abu Dhabi. This facility is designed to enforce rigorous quality checks, guarantee purity, and verify the authenticity of both local and international honey products.

The Honey Quality Laboratory, established by M42 in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (ADQCC), is situated at the Central Testing Laboratory (CTL) in Masdar City. Utilizing sophisticated equipment and AI-enhanced Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS), the lab conducts extensive tests to evaluate honey quality, identify impurities, and ensure compliance with international standards.

One of the lab's standout features is its extensive data availability. The CTL, which was set up to fulfill the market's demand for quality infrastructure services, has been accumulating data from its tests and research on various products. Now, AI tools can analyze this data, enhancing and integrating large datasets, while large language models (LLMs) can review vast amounts of content to gather the latest guidelines and advancements in honey production.

Engineer Abdulla Al Muaini, Executive Director of the Central Testing Laboratory at ADQCC, highlighted the lab's superior accuracy and broader test scope compared to traditional methods, including testing for antibiotics, hormones, and more. The lab also employs isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) to ensure honey authenticity and detect any adulteration.

The facility, backed by M42’s Environmental Sciences team, is open to commercial entities, producers, and the general public. It features a fully automated setup with experienced scientists and experts who conduct a range of tests using advanced equipment. After testing, a quality certification is issued, providing end users with information on the quality, safety, and authenticity of the honey.

The partnership between M42 and ADQCC supports various government entities, including the Abu Dhabi Food Safety Authority (ADFSA), by providing critical testing services to ensure public health and safety.