Motorists in the UAE are at a heightened risk of accidents during the summer months due to the significant increase in temperatures. While tyre bursts are a frequent cause of accidents during this time, other incidents, such as fires, can also result in fatal consequences. It is crucial for motorists to regularly service their cars. Dubai Police is providing a free car inspection service until the end of August. All private car owners can take advantage of this service by visiting AutoPro centres throughout the UAE.

10 vehicle health checks available at AutoPro centres include: AC and air filter, seat belts condition, wiper blades condition, windshield washer fluid, radiator hoses condition, battery health, engine oil and coolant level, tyres pressure condition, fluids level, and lights. Dubai Police, through the General Department of Traffic, has intensified traffic awareness efforts for the summer months in conjunction with the 'Summer Without Accidents' campaign.

A field team from the Traffic Education Department has been educating drivers on how to ensure the validity and efficiency of tyres. Dubai Police has also issued safety tips that motorists must follow to stay safe and avoid accidents. These include: ensuring tyre validity and the absence of vibrations, regularly checking tyres for cracks and bulges, frequently changing the engine oil, and monitoring for any fluid leaks. Regular vehicle check-ups are essential to prevent accidents on the road. Traffic accidents continue to be a significant concern for law enforcement due to the fatalities, injuries, and material losses they cause.

Recently, police in Abu Dhabi warned motorists to be vigilant for tyre bursts after 22 traffic accidents were recorded in 2023. They also listed six items that are prone to catching fire if left in a car during the hot months.