The UAE has risen to become one of the top 10 countries globally for expatriates to reside and work in by 2024, according to a recent study released on Thursday. The country leads in essential expat factors such as minimal bureaucratic obstacles, red tape, and complex immigration laws.

The study, conducted by InterNations for 2024, highlighted that the UAE excels in the Expat Essentials Index, topping two of the four subcategories: Language and Admin Topics. It notes that while Arabic is not particularly easy or difficult to learn, 80% of expats find it unnecessary for daily life. Additionally, issues like bureaucratic hurdles and complicated immigration laws are negligible for expats in the UAE.

The UAE government has actively implemented reforms to eliminate red tape in the public sector to enhance customer service. In February, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced the 'Zero Government Bureaucracy Programme,' aiming to eliminate 2,000 procedures within a year and revamp numerous government services.

InterNations reports that expats are highly satisfied with the UAE's economy and job market, with 76% noting improved career prospects, significantly higher than the global average. Moreover, 64% find accommodation easily, though affordability remains a concern due to rising rental prices.

The UAE ranks third for quality of life among 53 countries, with high approval ratings for environmental policies, car infrastructure, and political stability. Abu Dhabi and Dubai have also seen significant improvements in global rankings for the first half of 2024.

Environmental policies are highly supported by the government, with 86% of respondents agreeing, surpassing the global average. Infrastructure for cars is rated positively by 91% of expats, and satisfaction with public transport has improved.

The UAE also scores exceptionally well in safety and security, with high approval ratings for political stability. Personal safety is highly valued, and the country performs well in healthcare availability and quality, though affordability is less impressive.

Leisure activities are well-regarded, with the UAE ranking 8th in culinary variety and 3rd in culture and nightlife. The top 10 overall ranking includes Panama, Mexico, Indonesia, Spain, Colombia, Thailand, Brazil, Vietnam, Philippines, and the UAE. In contrast, Kuwait, Turkiye, Finland, Germany, Canada, Norway, Italy, Malta, Ireland, and the UK were ranked the lowest by expats in the 2024 InterNations survey.