On Sunday, the UAE experienced its hottest day this year, with temperatures soaring to 49.4°C. The National Centre of Meteorology reported that the peak temperature was observed in Sweihan (Al Ain) in Abu Dhabi at 2:45pm. Last August, the meteorological department had noted the year's highest temperature at 50.8°C in Owtaid (Al Dhafra Region) in Abu Dhabi, also at 2:45pm. Earlier in July 2023, temperatures had surpassed 50°C for the first time, hitting 50.1°C on July 15 and 16 in Bada Dafas (Al Dhafra Region) in Abu Dhabi. Despite the 49.4°C recorded yesterday, some areas of the country witnessed rainfall, with more showers anticipated today. Authorities advise residents and citizens to shield themselves from the intense heat by minimizing sun exposure. It is crucial to remain hydrated and consume plenty of fluids.