The UAE institutes a midday break annually for construction and industrial workers during the peak heat of summer days. Given the escalating temperatures, any relief from the heat is highly advantageous for these workers.

'Al Freej Fridge' campaign is designed to distribute chilled water, juices, and ice cream to alleviate the impact of summer heat on workers and foster the values of compassion and generosity within the Dubai community. The campaign, running until August 23, will benefit one million cleaners, construction workers, delivery riders, and agricultural workers on streets and roads during the summer.

Launched with the backing of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives Foundation, Furjan Dubai, in collaboration with the UAE Water Aid Foundation and the UAE Food Bank, Furjan Dubai employs refrigerated vehicles to tour various areas of Dubai, distributing water, cold drinks, and ice cream to workers and delivery drivers who operate in outdoor areas, with the involvement of local community volunteers during the summer.

The 'Al Freej Fridge' humanitarian community campaign aims to boost community involvement in reducing health risks associated with high temperatures, such as dehydration and heat stress, thus preserving workers' health. The campaign mirrors Furjan Dubai's efforts to strengthen the commitment of Dubai residents to their social responsibility, particularly towards workers, in recognition of their dedication and efforts. The initiative aims to bring joy and happiness to these workers.

Dr Abdul Karim Sultan Al Olama, CEO of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives Foundation, highlighted the importance of the 'Al Freej Fridge' campaign in promoting support for noble initiatives aimed at assisting workers in outdoor areas throughout the year, especially during the summer. He commended the Foundation 'Furjan Dubai' for its positive and influential role in Dubai society, its contributions to supporting all its categories, and its initiatives to support the workers in the field, emphasizing that the values of giving, compassion, and empathy for others will remain deeply ingrained in the people of the Emirates and Dubai society.

Alia Al Shamlan, Director of 'Furjan Dubai', affirmed that the launch of the humanitarian community campaign carries several humanitarian messages that reflect the authenticity of the Emirati society, its compassion, solidarity, and the competition of its members to do good. She noted that the distribution of water, cold juices, and ice cream to workers during the summer embodies a high sense of responsibility on the part of the partners of this humanitarian community campaign, and the volunteers who play a vital role in the success of all qualitative initiatives, expressing the spirit of one family that distinguishes Dubai society.

Alia Al Shamlan stated: 'We will work in cooperation with our partners in the campaign to reach one million workers in their workplaces, and we aim to leave a positive impact on the souls of this dear segment, which is not deterred by climatic conditions, no matter how challenging, from fulfilling its duty as an effective element in the prosperity and well-being of Dubai.'