In accordance with the United Arab Emirates' continuous dedication to aiding displaced Palestinian families, the humanitarian initiative 'Chivalrous Knight 3' has provided vital food supplies to numerous families impacted by conflict, limited aid, and a lack of basic necessities.

This humanitarian endeavor seeks to ease their plight amidst the harrowing effects of war and its grave humanitarian repercussions. The 'Chivalrous Knight 3' operation distributed a variety of essential food items, such as chicken, fresh vegetables, bread, dates, and comprehensive food packages to support vulnerable displaced families in Khan Younis.

The relief campaign has benefited 9,000 recipients, offering crucial support to displaced families in urgent need of food. This initiative aims to alleviate their hardship in the challenging conditions of the affected area, where obtaining basic necessities has become progressively more difficult.

The UAE is making efforts to support as many displaced individuals as possible in the Gaza Strip by delivering essential humanitarian aid. This initiative aims to alleviate the dire situation caused by the halt of aid, which has increased the threat of a widespread famine affecting the entire population of the Strip, according to assessments by international relief organizations.