The UAE's Executive Council has greenlit the Foreign Direct Investment Development Programme, targeting the influx of Dh650 billion into Dubai by 2033. This program will allocate Dh25 billion over a decade to bolster Dubai's strategic initiatives, under the guidance of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum.

Complementing this, the council also endorsed the Dubai Economic Model, a tool designed to track Dubai's progress towards its economic goals using a comprehensive economic database with over 3,000 indicators to bolster consumer and investor confidence. Additionally, a strategic plan for areas near Metro stations was approved to foster sustainability and enhance the quality of life in Dubai, offering incentives to developers and promoting the '20-minute city' concept to increase commuter numbers.

For UAE nationals, the council approved the 'Manbar' program, aiming to double the number of Emiratis employed in mosques and provide them with essential skills and qualifications, including leading prayers and the Friday prayer. Concurrently, the 'Ghras Al Khair' program was initiated to support Emirati content creators and promote values of tolerance and national identity through educational institutions offering relevant programs and awareness campaigns.