In the face of heavy rain, floods, major multi-vehicle accidents, or any critical emergencies, the UAE’s Ministry of Interior has consistently maintained the security and stability of its community through swift responses from its advanced federal operations centre.

Operating around the clock, the ministry’s sophisticated mobile operations centre monitors for any emergencies across the country and collaborates with police forces to manage situations effectively. Each of the seven emirates is equipped with a satellite-powered mobile unit, integral to the ministry’s emergency response and disaster management systems, as well as for handling significant international events nationwide.

The ministry, via its operations centre, vigilantly monitors even minor emergencies and proactively develops contingency plans to prevent escalation. This preparedness ensures rapid response capabilities at all times. The mobile operations centre is structured with three key areas: an initial monitoring zone, a specialized area, and a meeting room for decision-making, including a dedicated IT staff station.

Data is received from police command centres in all seven emirates, with six large screens within the centre displaying live emergency scenarios and critical data. These screens provide varied inputs such as drone footage, CCTV images, voice recordings, statistics, and traffic conditions to facilitate an efficient response. Secure phone lines connect directly with ground police personnel.

Once the situation’s severity is evaluated, information is relayed to decision-makers for response planning. The entire process from the initial call to response coordination is executed within a mere 5 to 6 minutes.