In the UAE, educators are preparing students for future AI-centric roles like Head of Machine Personality, Human-Machine Teaming Manager, and Space Junk Recycler, among others. Although these jobs might appear unconventional now, school principals emphasize that human-machine collaboration is poised to become a significant educational trend. They have already started preparing students for this transition. In a forward-looking move, Dubai schools will soon employ teachers specialized in artificial intelligence, with the top 10 AI-savvy educators to be honored at the 2025 AI Retreat, as announced by authorities. Nargish Khambatta, Principal at GEMS Modern Academy and Senior Vice President – Education at GEMS Education, highlighted that humanity has always adapted to such evolutionary changes, and with teachers mastering AI, students are developing a growth mindset to tackle future challenges. Citing The World Economic Forum Future of Jobs report 2023, Khambatta noted that the top rising skills include analytical thinking, creative thinking, technological literacy, and curiosity and lifelong learning. She added that AI adoption and automation will shift focus from information aggregation to analytical and creative thinking. Dubai has also announced plans to train a million people in AI over the next three years, aligning with the Dubai Universal Blueprint for Artificial Intelligence. Khambatta explained that schools will integrate these training modules for teachers through professional development programs, training time, infrastructure, and incentives. GEMS has already established an AI ecosystem, including the Centre of Excellence for AI and Robotics at GEMS Dubai American Academy and the educational Neural Engine (ANET) that assists teachers in automating tasks. School leaders have observed improved efficiency in administrative tasks with AI, allowing more teaching time. AI-powered tools can also customize content for individual student needs, offering personalized learning experiences. Educators believe automation can significantly enhance teaching and learning efficiency. Principals emphasize the importance of teaching AI ethics and the continued need for empathy and collaboration in education.