As temperatures rise across the UAE, the need for air conditioner maintenance and repair services has increased dramatically. Homes and vehicles are finding it difficult to stay cool, resulting in a sharp rise in service requests. Maintenance shops are experiencing a significant surge in demand, with technicians working tirelessly to meet the needs of customers.

Daniel Saison, the owner of Repair Pro in Al Barsha, shared his experiences: "During the summer months, we handle between 50 to 60 jobs weekly. Just yesterday, we replaced 13 AC units in a villa. When customers ask about the lifespan of their AC units, we offer personalized advice. If a compressor needs to be replaced or if repairs are costly and temporary, we suggest investing in a new unit for a long-term solution. Most customers take our advice." The business has also seen a similar increase in AC malfunctions.

"Our fleet is active day and night, responding to numerous complaints across the city," said the French expat. The cost for window AC repairs ranges from Dh80 to Dh100, and for split AC units, it's between Dh150 and Dh200. Ahmed from Olive Green Building Maintenance in International City, Dubai, reported an 80 percent increase in chiller and split AC maintenance requests. "Our phones have been ringing non-stop, with orders coming in from both individual customers and entire buildings. This trend is expected to continue until September," he added.

However, Usman from Faran Technical Services in Al Satwa noted a slower business pace due to intense competition. "In the past, the market was less crowded. Nowadays, many companies use social media for promotion, an area where we need to improve." In Sharjah, Mohammad Nizamuddin, managing a car garage in the industrial area, emphasized the high demand for car AC repairs. "When you first get into your car on a hot day, the air might be warm for a minute before it cools down. If it stays warm or goes from cool to warm, there could be a leak, a blockage in the coils, or a major component failure like the compressor. Sometimes, the compressor needs replacing. For a Toyota Prado, a new compressor costs around Dh1,200, and Dh600 for used units. For mid-range sedans, prices are Dh800 for new and Dh450 for used compressors," he explained.

Car AC mechanics in Al Quoz and Al Barsha have also seen a surge in demand. Vijoy, from Al Quoz, noted, "Nearly every third or fourth car we see has AC issues. Many drivers complain about weak airflow and discomfort due to the heat. We're constantly refilling refrigerants and diagnosing leaks and blockages, keeping us very busy." Experts recommend drivers park in shaded areas to optimize AC performance, use recirculation mode, and turn off the AC before switching off the ignition for better efficiency.

According to the National Centre for Meteorology (NCM), temperatures will range from 40°C-45°C in coastal areas, 45°C-49°C inland, and 40°C-43°C in mountainous regions, with humidity levels between 75-90 percent. Over the next three days, residents can expect clear to partly cloudy skies with low clouds appearing on the eastern coast in the mornings. Some cumulus clouds may form in the east and south in the afternoons. Nights and mornings will be humid, with a chance of light fog on some coastal areas. Winds will be light to moderate, sometimes active and dusty, with speeds from 10 to 25 km/h, reaching up to 40 km/h. The sea will be slight to moderate, occasionally rough in the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea.