The UAE is preparing to send its largest aid shipment to Gaza yet, as part of Operation Gallant Knight 3. The vessel, set to depart on July 8, is carrying a total of 5,340 tons, marking the largest delivery in this ongoing humanitarian mission. This includes 4,750 tons of food items and 590 tons of shelter materials. This latest aid ship is the fourth in a series of Emirati vessels heading to Al Arish, Egypt, from where it will be transported into Palestine.

Previously, the third UAE aid ship sailed in March, carrying 4,630 tons of humanitarian supplies destined for the Gaza Strip. Khaleej Times had the opportunity to visit the aid ship before its departure and spoke with Abdullah Saeed Al-Dhanhani, Director of the Fujairah Red Crescent branch. "This aid shipment is the largest we have sent so far as part of Operation Gallant Knight 3," he told Khaleej Times. "The 5,340 tons of vital supplies will significantly support our Palestinian brothers and sisters during this challenging period."

The ship is expected to reach Al Arish port in Egypt within 15 days via the Suez Canal, and from there, the aid will be transported into Palestine. Al-Dhanhani explained, "Our Egyptian brothers are doing a tremendous job in managing the logistics and ensuring the daily delivery of aid from Al Arish into Palestine." The 4,750 tons of food items include essentials such as 100 bags of tea, 1.5 liters of cooking oil, 400g of macaroni, 2kg of sugar, 5 bags of chickpeas, 5 cans of beans, 3 cans of tuna, 1kg of table salt, and 1kg of red lentils.

The shelter materials consist of tents, specialized bags for women with necessary items, bags for children, blankets, mosquito nets, and water tanks — everything a family would need. With a crew of 34 people, including the captain, this latest aid ship is set to depart for Al Arish today, joining the three previous vessels that have already made the journey to deliver vital assistance to the Palestinian people.

"This aid will make its way through the maritime corridor and reach our brothers and sisters in Palestine, providing them with much-needed relief during these challenging times," said Al-Dhanhani. "The UAE is committed to standing with the Palestinian people and will continue to support them through various humanitarian initiatives." Several charitable organizations, including the Red Crescent, Zayed Charitable Foundation, and Khalifa Foundation, have contributed to the aid shipment under the directives of UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

As part of Operation Gallant Knight 3, the UAE has launched several initiatives, including the establishment of two field hospitals, one inside the Gaza Strip and the other a floating hospital off the coast of Al Arish city, in addition to the establishment of five automatic bakeries.