In the UAE, telemarketers must enhance their skills to comply with fresh government regulations. Recruitment experts note that telemarketing companies will implement more stringent rules, mandating calls only within certain hours to avoid substantial fines. On June 9, the UAE unveiled new regulations governing telemarketing call times, fines, and exemptions. Starting mid-August, telemarketers are only permitted to call from 9am to 6pm. If a consumer declines a product or service on the initial call, the telemarketer cannot call them again on the same day. Furthermore, if a consumer does not answer or ends the call, telemarketers are restricted to calling no more than twice a week. Penalties for non-compliance can reach up to Dh150,000. Nicki Wilson, founder and managing director of Genie, an HR and recruitment consultancy, advises that telemarketer employers should train their staff on these new guidelines, especially as many teams operate remotely. She suggests focusing on 'core hours' for calling potential customers as a critical part of training. Deepa Sud, CEO of Plum Jobs, emphasizes the need for telemarketers to sharpen their communication skills, handle objections effectively, and customize messages for different audiences to engage potential customers better. Sud also notes that companies must respect consumer privacy and invest in better leadership to be more strategic and results-oriented. They should develop a legally compliant cold calling strategy, optimize CRM systems for consent tracking, and maintain up-to-date 'Do Not Call' lists. However, Sud predicts an increase in email, WhatsApp, and SMS spamming by companies, as telemarketing often has high employee turnover and limited return on investment in training. Nicki Wilson suggests that while firms should enforce stricter controls, managing remote teams could be challenging. She proposes implementing caps on call timings within internal systems to manage remote workers effectively.