A red alert for heavy fog has been issued by the UAE weather department for Thursday morning. Drivers heading from Abu Dhabi to Dubai on E311 are strongly advised to refrain from speeding due to dense fog covering the highway. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, authorities have urged drivers to reduce speed, use fog lights, and maintain a safe distance. The speed reduction system has been activated on several roads in Abu Dhabi, limiting speed to 80 km/h. The Met Department has cautioned motorists about fog formation causing decreased visibility, especially in coastal and internal areas until 8:30 am on Thursday. Refer to the map below for the affected areas until 8:30 am, where visibility may drop below 1,000 meters.

Driving in fog tips:

  • Maintain a safe distance between vehicles
  • Adjust speed to ensure stopping within the line of visibility
  • Concentrate and avoid distractions such as mobile phones
  • Use low beam headlights, front and rear fog lights, and avoid hazard lights
  • Be mindful of other road users, especially vulnerable ones like motorcyclists, cyclists, and pedestrians
  • Stay in your lane and refrain from overtaking
  • Ensure the effectiveness of windshield and rear window wipers

Weather forecast for Thursday:

UAE residents can expect generally fair weather. According to the National Meteorological Center (NCM), Thursday night and Friday mornings will be humid, with potential fog or mist, particularly in western coastal areas. Winds will be light to moderate, and the Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea will experience slight sea conditions. Maximum temperatures in the internal areas may reach 47℃, with a minimum of 26℃, and humidity is expected to rise to 75%.