On Friday, June 14, the UAE is forecasted to experience fair to partly cloudy weather, occasionally accompanied by dusty conditions, as reported by the National Center of Meteorology (NCM). The NCM also predicts that the eastern regions will see an increase in cloud coverage during the afternoon. Temperatures are expected to peak at 48ºC in both coastal and inland areas, with specific locations like Gasyoura, Mezaira, Al Quaa, and Razeen reaching up to 47ºC. In Abu Dhabi and Dubai, temperatures will range from 45ºC to 48ºC, respectively. Humidity levels will be up to 60% in Dubai and 50% in Abu Dhabi. Throughout the day, light to moderate winds, occasionally strong, will sweep across the country, contributing to dust in the air. The Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea are expected to have slight to moderate sea conditions.