UAE residents can anticipate fair to partly cloudy weather on Wednesday (June 26), with a notable drop in temperatures along coastal regions. Humidity is set to rise during the night and into Thursday morning in certain coastal areas. Winds will be light to moderate, occasionally strengthening during the day, potentially stirring up dust. The Arabian Gulf is expected to see calm seas, while the Oman Sea may experience slight to moderate conditions at times. Temperatures are forecast to peak at 47ºC in Gasyoura, Al Quaa, and Sila, and hit 42ºC in Abu Dhabi and 41ºC in Dubai. Humidity levels could reach up to 90% in Dubai and 80% in Abu Dhabi. The intense heat and humidity in the UAE have raised concerns about heat-related health issues, which can be severe, particularly in summer. Common health problems include dehydration, heatstroke, exhaustion, and skin issues. Medical professionals recommend extra caution during extreme heat, especially for outdoor workers. To prevent heat exhaustion, individuals should stop activities and rest immediately if they feel unwell, preferably in a shaded area with a breeze or fan, and increase fluid intake. Applying mist or water spray can also be beneficial.