The UK general election features two main party leaders, Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer, who were born nearly two decades apart and have very different backgrounds. It is anticipated to be a highly personalized battle for power. Sunak, 44, the wealthy Conservative incumbent with a finance background, is up against 61-year-old Labour leader Keir Starmer, a toolmaker's son who started his career as a human rights lawyer. The upcoming contest comes as Sunak's Tories face challenges to retain power after being in charge for 14 largely chaotic years.

Sunak, who is the party's fifth prime minister since it ousted Labour in 2010, was appointed as prime minister by Tory MPs in October 2022. However, polls and election defeats suggest that he is likely to lose badly. Many Tory lawmakers have announced that they will not stand for re-election, showing internal dismay at their prospects of victory.

Despite the slightly improving economic picture, Sunak faces odds that are stacked against him, with nearly 75 percent of voters viewing him unfavorably, according to a recent YouGov poll. On the other hand, Starmer, the Labour leader, has revitalized the opposition party's fortunes despite facing persistent criticism that he lacks charisma.

Both leaders have struggled to connect with voters, but the campaign is likely to see heavy personal attacks as there are not many stark policy differences between the two main parties. It will be a long and challenging campaign as they battle for power.