The Umrah season has resumed following the conclusion of Haj, with pilgrimage packages now available at reduced rates due to decreased demand. Umrah packages are currently about 25 percent less expensive compared to the cooler months. It is important to note that the authorities temporarily suspended Umrah pilgrimages from May 23 to June 6 to accommodate Hajj pilgrims.

Some Umrah agents, speaking to Khaleej Times, link the lower prices to the high summer temperatures, which have discouraged many potential pilgrims. Qaiser Mahmood from ASAA Tourism in Abu Hail explained, "The drop in demand for Umrah during the summer has resulted in a 25 percent reduction in package prices."

A few residents in the UAE are choosing to delay their Umrah until September, anticipating a cooler climate. Arif Hussain, a 48-year-old Deira resident, originally planned to perform his Umrah in July but postponed it to September after hearing about the heat-related deaths during this year's Haj. "I intended to go with my children and mother, but the current weather is not suitable. It would be challenging for us," Hussain remarked.

This year's Haj witnessed 1,301 pilgrim deaths due to extreme heat, with temperatures soaring above 50℃. The pilgrims faced prolonged exposure to heat without sufficient shelter or rest.

During the cooler months, Umrah package rates start at Dh3,200 for air travel and Dh1,600 for bus. Currently, a four-day Umrah package by air begins at Dh2,500 and Dh1,100 by bus, according to Mahmood. Shihab Parwad of Rehan Al Jazeera Tourism noted that during the last ten days of Ramadan, Umrah packages nearly tripled in price, reaching Dh6,000 by air and Dh2,500 by bus.

Some agents continue to charge Dh200, offering enhanced facilities like better food and accommodation near the worship sites. Mahmood explained, "Hotels near the holy sites are usually fully booked year-round, but we secure accommodation to provide easy access for our clients."

The Ministry of Haj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia has begun issuing Umrah visas, with pilgrims required to pay an additional Dh200 for a single entry visa. The new Umrah season aligns with the month of Muharram 1145 AH (July 19), and pilgrims can apply for electronic visas via the Nusuk application.

Pawad mentioned that despite the summer heat, there remains a dedicated group of pilgrims, and they are committed to providing top-notch facilities and services. Visiting Madinah is optional for Haj or Umrah pilgrims, but the spiritual significance of the Prophet's city, mosque, and tomb attracts many.

Umrah agents also noted that UAE residents can now travel to any Saudi Arabian airport to perform Umrah, unlike before the Haj season when access was limited to four airports.