UN Secretary-General António Guterres has strongly condemned the air strikes on Rafah that hit shelters with displaced people.

He expressed his heartbreak at the sight of the casualties, including many young children, stressing that the suffering must end immediately. The Secretary-General's spokesperson attributed this statement to Guterres, who mourned the loss of over 36,000 Palestinians and about 1,500 Israelis in the ongoing violence.

Guterres highlighted the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, compounded by the looming threat of a man-made famine. He reiterated his call for an immediate ceasefire and the unconditional release of all hostages, emphasizing the binding nature of recent International Court of Justice orders.

Furthermore, Guterres urged the Israeli authorities to facilitate the unimpeded delivery of humanitarian aid and ensure open crossing points in line with Security Council resolution 2720 (2023).

The Secretary-General emphasized the necessity for humanitarian organizations to have rapid and safe access to reach all civilians in need within Gaza. He stressed the urgency of efforts to support and strengthen the new Palestinian Government and its institutions, preparing the Palestinian Authority to reassume its responsibilities in Gaza.

Guterres also underscored the imperative of taking tangible and irreversible steps to establish a political horizon, emphasizing the need for urgent measures to re-engage in the pursuit of a two-state solution. He reaffirmed the UN's commitment to supporting such endeavors.

The International Court of Justice's May 24 decision demanded an immediate cessation of Israel's military actions in Rafah and any activities in the southern Gaza that could endanger the Palestinian civilian population.