Maří Bartos endured years of debilitating lower back pain without understanding its psychological origins. She described it as a constant dull ache that would occasionally intensify into sharp, stabbing pains, severely limiting her mobility and ability to work. Seeking traditional medical help proved frustrating as doctors couldn't pinpoint the cause and medication only added to her suffering.

By chance, Bartos discovered pain psychotherapy and connected with a specialist in Dubai, Anna Marków. Marków shed light on the mind-body connection, emphasizing how emotional stress can manifest as physical pain. Through therapy, Bartos uncovered the deep-seated trauma behind her chronic pain, rooted in her upbringing and professional life.

Chronic pain, whether physical or emotionally triggered, profoundly impacts one's life, often leading to exclusion from daily activities and mental health struggles. Marków employs therapies to address emotional trauma and promote healing, providing relief to patients like Bartos.