In 2019, the first Brazilian university in Dubai, Unicesumar, revolutionized education for the Brazilian community in the UAE and the broader Middle East. With over 100 courses available, it serves more than 700 students, celebrating a milestone with 200 graduates from its Dubai campus this year.

The story of Unicesumar Dubai is closely tied to Miguel Romeiro, a young commercial pilot, and his partnership with Angelica Walker. Walker, who considers herself the heart to Romeiro's head, has been instrumental in realizing this educational venture. They are supported by an all-female, all-Brazilian team, including Marcela Silva, Fernanda Cardoso, Daiane Steiner, and educators Marina Jaeger, Iasmim Silva, and Luana Oliveira, with Roberto Valerio overseeing operations from Brazil, serving over 300 students across the Emirates and neighboring countries.

Walker's commitment to the project is profound. She states, 'This university is a project I pour my soul into, aiming to help expatriate Brazilians who couldn't complete their education in Brazil.' Her dedication highlights the transformative role of education.

Despite challenges, Walker finds immense satisfaction in her work. 'It's emotional to witness the determination of students to complete their education far from home,' she notes. Graduation ceremonies are a testament to these efforts, filled with joy and pride.

Unicesumar Dubai primarily operates on a distance-learning model, complemented by in-person exams and the Rockfeller Dubai English school. The university also fosters community ties through initiatives like a discount card for students at Brazilian businesses in the UAE, set to launch soon.

Unicesumar Dubai is not just an educational institution but a symbol of hope and progress for Brazilians in the UAE. Walker eloquently states, 'We sell dreams, not just courses.' The university's commitment to creating a supportive environment underscores its lasting impact.

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