Informative keynote speeches, riveting panel discussions and exploration of emerging trends were all part of the unmissable New Age Finance and Accounting Summit organized by Khaleej Times in Dubai. The event brought together diverse industry experts, financial analysts, and finance gurus to explore the future intricacies of corporate finance and banking.

Speakers and panelists engaged in constructive dialogues, addressing the new-age intricacies and challenges that must be confronted to help reshape the volatile financial landscape of today and tomorrow. The focus was on innovative approaches and cutting-edge practices that are reshaping the financial world, such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, digital transformation, and sustainability.

The summit provided a platform for professionals to share insights, network, and gain valuable knowledge to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving financial industry. In his illuminating opening address, Ravi Tharoor, CEO of Khaleej Times, noted that the current world of finance was driven by continuous innovation and technology, compelling a refinement and redefinition of traditional roles and responsibilities.

The speakers and panelists discussed and showcased the latest trends, software, and tools along with the integration of technology in the digital age. The summit offered positive feedback that top executives from leading companies will take back to their team members and transfer that knowledge to good use.

The event gathered finance leaders in one place to have engaging topics and conversations that help progress the most senior people in the role to take the necessary actions to move the country forward. The pivotal role of women in finance was also emphasized, highlighting the progress towards closing the gender gap and ensuring more women CFOs to drive a culture of diversity and inclusivity.