The brain, the most powerful organ in the body, prefers to conserve energy and thrive within its comfort zone. Dr. Sweta Adatia, a pioneering neurologist at Gargash Hospital in Dubai, advocates pushing the brain beyond its comfort zone for growth and success, terming it 'romancing the brain'.

She stresses that the brain is highly adaptable, and by tapping into its powers, habits can be changed, skills can be learned, and lives transformed. She emphasizes the importance of brain mapping for students, corporations, and the community at large to gain insight into their life directions.

Dr. Adatia developed 'My Brain Design' to assist with subject choices, career paths, post-college decisions, and performance levels. She also introduced the 'Limitless Brain Lab' in Dubai, offering hands-on assessments to reveal cognitive strengths and priorities.

She is a proponent of multi-sensory stimulation for brain health and stresses the role of continuous learning in maintaining brain health amidst growing technological dependency. Dr. Sweta asserts that AI cannot replace human intelligence due to the brain's sensory and emotional aspects.

She warns about the potential reduction in brain activity due to technological dependence, advocating for engaging in multi-sensory activities and following the MOVERS method to maintain cognitive function. She concludes by emphasizing the fascinating nature of the brain and the positive impact of the MOVERS method on brain health.