For Indian children raised outside India, Bollywood holds a unique allure, offering insights into Indian customs and a glamorous twist on them. Varsha Phulwani, who grew up in the 90s, recalls her childhood immersed in Bollywood culture, from weekly cinema visits to hours spent watching celebrity interviews. She admired their eloquence and even created her own Bollywood magazine as a child. Now, managing social media for a brand in Dubai, Varsha realized she could apply her skills to her own brand, leading to her Instagram handle @varzilla, where she shares incisive and authentic takes on Bollywood news, garnering millions of views.

Varsha's content stands out for its honesty and respect for the personalities she discusses, focusing on public aspects of their lives. However, she also addresses the issue of plastic surgery in Bollywood, aiming to break the illusion of perfection. Despite facing personal attacks from star fans, Varsha remains committed to her authentic voice, believing that cinema and art are subjective. Her coping strategy involves focusing on the positive interactions, like when Karan Johar commented on her reel.

Varsha believes that her genuine opinions resonate with audiences, differentiating her from curated social media content. She focuses on globally topical subjects, like celebrity appearances at major events, to boost engagement. Reflecting on the evolution of stardom, Varsha notes that the mythical status of stars like Shah Rukh Khan is fading, replaced by a more accessible celebrity culture. She finds solace in Bollywood as a magical escape, despite acknowledging the decline in content quality.