There are rumors swirling that Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma might be planning to move to London for good. Recent events on social media have sparked this speculation, piquing the interest of netizens about this significant shift. Kohli, who recently stepped down from T20 cricket after guiding India to triumph in the T20 World Cup, has been spotted in London, reconnecting with Anushka and their children, Vamika and newborn Akaay.

The couple's ties to London have strengthened with the birth of their second child, Akaay, in the city. They have spent considerable time there, and their frequent outings and activities in London have fueled rumors about their plans to settle there permanently. Kohli has often voiced his wish for a more private life away from the spotlight, and the family seems to relish the privacy they enjoy in London compared to the constant attention they receive in India.

Currently, the influential couple is taking a break in the English capital, away from the relentless media attention. However, a recent video of them entering ISKCON in London has surfaced online. Despite uncertainties about the video's timing and whether it's recent, fans speculate it's from their current family vacation.

Anushka, known for her memorable roles in the Indian film industry, has been often seen in London, which has further fueled rumors about their potential relocation. The speculation intensified when her latest Instagram post suggested that she and her family were enjoying their time in the UK, indulging in local fruits.

Whether the couple will make the big move remains to be seen. For now, Virat celebrates his historic victory, while Anushka gears up for her role in the eagerly awaited sports biopic Chakda 'Xpress. Produced under her banner, Clean Slate Filmz, this film is set to be another milestone in her remarkable career.