The Mohammed bin Rashid Center for Islamic Culture in Dubai organized a virtual 'Haj experience' on May 30, aiming to prepare 80 first-time pilgrims from the UAE for their upcoming Haj journey on June 11.

Headed by Mohammed Ali bin Zayed Al Falasi, the official Haj delegation of the Dubai Government designed an interactive room to guide pilgrims through the rituals and simulate the crowdedness of the Haj, providing an immersive experience.

The room aims to create an atmosphere akin to the Kaaba, even emitting its distinctive scent. Pilgrims will receive comprehensive information about Haj through the massive screens in the room.

The 80 pilgrims, selected from various government offices and circles in Dubai, will undergo medical checkups and receive guidance to ensure their health and readiness for the journey.

Each pilgrim will also be provided with a special bag containing essential items for their spiritual journey, including ihram garments, as part of the comprehensive preparations.