A group of volunteer doctors and nursing staff are steadfastly offering free medical examinations and treatments to patients every week, drawing individuals from diverse regions across the nation. The charitable endeavor, dubbed 'Healing with Compassion,' was initiated by the Tadawi Health Group in Dubai during the previous Ramadan and has extended its services throughout the year. Patients are attended to every Friday at the Tadawi Health Centre in Deira, Dubai. Since the commencement of Ramadan, the Tadawi Health Group has provided care to over 1,000 indigent patients and continues to serve more than 300 patients each Friday. The group has extended invitations to licensed doctors and nursing staff, both Emiratis and expatriates, and currently maintains a roster of five dedicated volunteer doctors to cater to as many patients as possible who lack the means for medical evaluations and medications. Dr. Shibny Basheer, a volunteer doctor from India who has collaborated with Tadawi for over two years, expressed to Khaleej Times: 'This initiative instantly drew me in due to its significant goal of offering free medical care to those who require it.' She further articulated: 'I deeply admire our hospital's dedication to enhancing community health through such a compassionate program.' This chance to apply her expertise and knowledge to the 'Healing with Compassion' initiative deeply resonated with her both personally and professionally. She remarked: 'It was a profound honor and a genuine blessing to realize I could contribute to making healthcare more attainable for those who might otherwise find it challenging to afford.' 'I wholeheartedly support this initiative, recognizing that each effort contributes to a healthier and more inclusive community,' Dr Basheer added. Another volunteer doctor, Dr. Usman Khan, selected charitable work to utilize his skills to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need. He aims to tackle health inequalities and deliver quality healthcare to needy patients. He stated: 'The satisfaction and purpose gained from assisting those in need is priceless and propels me to continually strive for excellence in my profession.' For his role, Rameshchand Balagovindan, the clinic manager, explained: 'We initiated this program to foster a healthy society and provide healthcare for those who cannot afford it.' He observed that they have been accommodating more than 300 patients every Friday. Given the substantial influx of patients, the center has opted to schedule special appointments for certain cases. 'We decided to arrange separate appointments for these cases because we also receive other patients and emergencies,' Balagovindan noted, emphasizing: 'We never turn away any patient.'