With the metaverse, things digital, AI, and augmented reality, outlining a new system of creation today, we gradually start losing our identity. The only chance to avoid drowning in this flood is, perhaps, creating new meanings by means of our unique culture code. Forming our DNA and world view as well as empowering us, our cultural awareness is both history and a spiritual magnifying glass, allowing us to see the future — our culture code focusing the chaotic and sometimes archetypical streams of consciousness on understanding the inner processes, connected with our ancestors.

The power of the business world, in my view, lies in exchanging energies. The ideal formula of entrepreneurship is not only about conceiving new ideas, inventing new forms, and launching new products in the market but also about uniting business and creative cultures. We are probably witnessing the birth of a new era — that of the businessman and artist rolled in one, creating a new world and its values. Molding his space, a creator has no limits or boundaries while a businessman, on the contrary, is bound by rules and conventions. Thus, only those able to combine both hypostases get the upper hand today. So, whatever you produce — computers, skyscrapers, or oil derricks — may there be an artist, living in your heart, and let your both hemispheres flourish!

Building a team for my new project, I always think about what value each team-mate will acquire, and how he or she will be able to grow into a business partner rather than just a hireling. Then, I understand that it’s more than mere team building — it’s creating a new microculture. This is the birth of ‘a blue ocean’, where no one can compete with you.

I am absolutely sure the future belongs to companies and brands with a human face, building communities of like-minded people, going beyond just generating and accumulating money to creating new meanings for themselves and the world in general.

The topic of our summer issue is ‘We Create’ as for a thinking person, creating things is supposedly as natural a process as breathing. Still, statistics are inexorable — only less than 5% of the world’s population are brave enough to try and create something new. So, the formula of business success remains beyond comprehension for many — why do some hit it big while others don’t?

I am more than positive the secret lies in not fearing to think big, dreaming of the seemingly impossible, and doing what you are sometimes afraid of even imagining. We should not think the new horizons are somewhere ‘beyond the pillars of Hercules’. They might as well be just around the corner — in ourselves, in our actions, and in our daring aspirations. So, all we have to do is step forward and say, ‘We create. Now. Which means there will be a Tomorrow’.

We Create.

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