According to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), the forecast calls for fair to partly cloudy skies. Early morning will see low clouds along the eastern coastline. Temperatures are anticipated to soar up to 50℃, with lows dipping to 26℃ in inland areas. In Abu Dhabi, temperatures will fluctuate between 33℃ and 46℃, while in Dubai, they will range from 33℃ to 47℃. During the night and into Wednesday morning, humidity will increase in certain coastal zones. Coastal areas and islands may experience humidity levels as high as 85 per cent, contrasting with a low of 10 per cent in inland regions. Light to moderate winds are expected, occasionally strengthening. The Arabian Gulf is predicted to have calm seas, whereas the Oman Sea will be slight to moderate, occasionally turning rough by morning, according to the weather department.