UAE residents should anticipate fair to partly cloudy weather on Wednesday, with clouds expected to form over the mountains in the afternoon. Temperatures are set to vary and decrease, most notably along the coastal regions. The National Centre of Meteorology has warned motorists about potential foggy conditions in certain areas of Abu Dhabi. Horizontal visibility is predicted to dip below 1,000 meters, and could decrease further at times in some inland areas until 8:30 a.m. Winds are forecasted to be light to moderate, but may intensify over the sea, becoming fresh. This could result in blowing dust and sand, diminishing visibility in exposed regions. Regarding maritime conditions, the Arabian Gulf is expected to see moderate to rough seas, while the Oman Sea will experience slight conditions.

According to the Met Department, July is expected to see a rise in temperatures due to the influence of extended thermal lows in the region and country. The most significant of these is India's monsoon low pressure, which contributes to higher temperatures. The eastern mountains and southern parts of the country will face clouds, which develop due to the mountains and high temperatures in July. Afternoon rains are characteristic of the month and extend over some interior areas. Some regions of the country will be impacted by the extension of the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) this month, particularly in the latter half, accompanied by convective rainy clouds. Relative humidity is expected to increase on some days during the early morning period over certain areas, potentially leading to mist or fog on a few days of the month.