Expo City Dubai invites residents and visitors to participate in 'The Great Summer Escape' competition for a chance to win an unforgettable summer holiday. The competition runs from July 1 to August 15, 2024, offering participants the opportunity to win one of three dream family vacations to Switzerland, Germany, France, South Africa, Singapore, and Bali.

The first prize, 'The Explorer', includes an all-inclusive package for a family of four to travel to Switzerland, Germany, and France. The winners will enjoy a luxurious eight-night vacation, exploring historic sites, vibrant cities, and stunning landscapes in Europe's premier destinations.

The second prize, 'The Adventurer', awards an eight-night stay in South Africa for a family of four. This all-inclusive package covers flights, accommodation, and transportation, allowing the winners to experience the country's amazing wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, and rich culture.

The third prize, 'The Voyager', offers six exciting nights in Singapore and Bali for a family of four. This all-inclusive package also includes flights, accommodation, and transportation.

To enter the competition, visit Expo City Dubai's Instagram page and click the link in their bio. Navigate to 'The Great Summer Escape' on their website, click 'Register Now', and complete the required information. Registration provides a unique referral code for 50% off all Expo City Dubai attractions. Earn points towards the grand prize by purchasing tickets with your unique code.