A 21-year-old woman was found guilty of physical assault charges after she punched a police officer attempting to arrest her intoxicated male companion. The incident, which occurred on January 1, involved a Russian man and a Ukrainian woman, both reportedly drunk. They had been at a dance club in Jumeirah Beach Residence and tried to re-enter against the club's rules. Despite being asked to leave by security, they persisted. A police officer, noticing the disturbance, approached and asked them to leave quietly. The officer testified that the couple argued and delayed their departure, with the Russian man eventually insulting him with profanity. When the man was asked to go to the police station, he fled, and during the pursuit, the Ukrainian woman struck the officer to prevent her friend's arrest. The head of security confirmed the assault and the verbal insult. Both individuals denied the charges in court, presenting a document suggesting the officer had waived his rights. The court convicted the woman of assault, sentencing her to three months in prison, with deportation ordered upon completion. The case against the Russian man was dismissed as the officer waived the insult charge.