A woman who stabbed her boyfriend three times after he refused to give her his mobile phone to check his messages was sentenced to six months in prison. This incident took place on August 20, 2022, in their shared apartment located in Dubai’s Al Muraqqabat area. The court documents reveal that the Thai national and the Arab victim were romantically involved and often experienced disputes. On the day of the incident, the woman found her boyfriend in the kitchen having a voice chat with another woman. When she inquired about the conversation, he remained silent, leading her to demand access to his phone. After he refused, she tried to forcibly take the phone but failed, and in response, her boyfriend hit her on her left eyebrow. The woman then took a kitchen knife and warned him against hitting her again, threatening to stab him. As he attempted to disarm her, she stabbed him three times. He managed to exit the kitchen but collapsed in the bathroom, bleeding profusely from his chest. Overwhelmed by fear, she contacted the police and requested medical assistance for him. Emergency services arrived, and the man was transported to Rashid Hospital, where he received treatment for three stab wounds — two in his chest and one in his left forearm. The forensic report confirmed the severity of the injuries, including a deep, life-threatening wound to the chest that caused significant internal bleeding and required extensive medical care. During the prosecution's investigation, the woman confessed to an attempted murder charge, clarifying that her intention was not to kill but to protect herself after being assaulted. She maintained this stance during the court proceedings. Considering the evidence, the court determined that her actions amounted to intentional bodily harm rather than attempted murder, noting that she stopped her assault after the first stab and sought help for the victim, showing no intent to kill. As a result, she was convicted of assault and sentenced to six months in prison. She will be deported following the completion of her sentence.