Directors' Institute - World Council Of Directors, an initiative by WDC Leadership School (a part of World Development Corporation), has collaborated with the European University to introduce the first-ever Doctorate in International Corporate Directorship. This innovative program provides aspiring directors with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive on global boards. With global offices, the company aims to extend its comprehensive services in the United Arab Emirates from May 2024.

Zeeshaan Pathan, group managing director and CEO of World Development Corporation, expressed, “In today's globalized business environment, directors require a profound understanding of international corporate governance principles. This doctorate will equip them for the challenges and opportunities of leading multinational corporations.”

The doctorate in international corporate directorship is tailored for busy professionals seeking career advancement in corporate governance. Its flexible format enables participants to complete coursework online at their own pace, leveraging the expertise of industry leaders and academics for a well-rounded education. Heval Mehta, managing director of Directors' Institute—World Council Of Directors | Leadership University, emphasized, “Our program stands apart by integrating academic theory with practical insights from industry experts, ensuring that our graduates are well-prepared to handle crises and make a positive impact on the boards they serve.”

Key features of the doctorate in international corporate directorship include an EQF Level 8 qualification, comprehensive training in corporate governance and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices, the flexibility of online coursework, instruction by industry experts and academics, preparation for global board positions, the value addition of upgrading from the International Corporate Directorship Programme to a Doctorate Degree, and the acquisition of the title of International Corporate Director in the first year. Graduates also have the option to exit in the second year with an M.Phil. and achieve a “Dr” title in the third year.

Directors' Institute endeavors to advance good corporate governance practices globally. The Doctorate in International Corporate Directorship is a natural extension of this mission, aiming to foster a more sustainable and prosperous future through strong corporate governance. Ayub Sheikh, Managing Director-FinTech and COO at World Development Corporation, stated, “This program will cultivate a new generation of directors capable of leading companies responsibly and ethically, contributing to the long-term success of their organizations while meeting shareholders' expectations.”