XDefiant players have expressed their frustration with the slow weapon levelling system, noting that progress feels excessively sluggish despite achieving numerous kills across multiple matches. XDefiant encountered several delays after its announcement in 2021 and was finally launched on May 21 after extensive testing last year. As players engage in its 6v6 game modes, they are discovering both the strengths and weaknesses of the game, with the prolonged time required to level up weapons being a significant concern.

On platforms such as Reddit and Twitter, players are vocalizing their dissatisfaction with the slow weapon progression. Despite accumulating dozens of kills per game, many are reporting that the XP earned seems inadequate, impeding their advancement to higher weapon levels. In response to these complaints, PATTYP, the developer of XDefiant, clarified on Twitter that each weapon level necessitates 3500 XP, with each kill granting 100 XP, implying that 35 kills should be adequate to level up. PATTYP also mentioned that assists contribute to the XP count, potentially reducing the required grind. PATTYP speculated that a tracking bug may be impacting some players, preventing their kills from accurately converting into XP.