The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) has issued a yellow warning for wind and rough seas until 06.00am on Wednesday, May 29. The weather in the UAE is expected to be generally fair, with occasional dusty conditions today, May 28. There will be a slight decrease in temperatures today; however, it will be humid at night and on Wednesday morning, with a possibility of fog or mist forming in some coastal and internal areas. Yesterday, the highest temperature recorded in the country was 48.5ºC in Al Ain. Today, the temperature is expected to reach 45ºC, a slight decrease from yesterday's 48ºC. According to the weather department, temperatures will reach up to 38ºC and 40ºC in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, respectively. Light to moderate winds, occasionally freshening, will cause dust and sand to blow across the country. The sea will be moderate to rough in the Arabian Gulf and slight in the Oman Sea.