Fewer than all are aware of the fact that happiness has been announced as the national idea of Dubai, aiming to top the World Happiness Report’s list of the world’s happiest nations. Even a diamond being once no more than a rough stone, everything and anything in this world is but written in the water. Nevertheless, if under a peaceful sky, in a secure sector of the globe, there’s residential property you call home, you can feel quite sanguine about your future. Square metres still the most profitable investment, all you need is the knowledge of where and when to buy property and claim your share of this Oasis of Happiness. More on that in a bit with Yevgeniya Vinokurova, founder & CEO of Tuimaada Real Estate.

Everybody needs a home of one’s own to feel safe. In this respect, nothing has changed since times immemorial. A shelter – the walls, protecting you, and a roof over your head – is still the first and foremost need and condition for happiness. Dr. Corrie J. Block, PhD, DBA, a business strategist, and wellness coach is sure happy people are 50% more successful and 50% more productive, their job satisfaction adding to their happiness. Besides, knowing their business development efforts, they invest half of their lives into, are not wasted, they are 88% more loyal to their companies. In this respect, Dubai rates very close to the world’s Top 5 countries.

Here, you feel safe in double measure as that’s where world’s major power players head for nowadays. For the life of me, I cannot believe a successful person could be less than very smart. Meanwhile, a fool will never hit it big, with the easy-come-easy-go rule still in force out there, and there’s nothing doing about it in case of zero investments. In most cases, a high IQ implies, at the bare minimum, intellectuality and respect for others’ time and labour. Dubai provides everything necessary for problem-free conducting real estate transactions, clinching deals, and launching companies. The wealthiest people of the world prefer to have their children educated in Dubai, already hosting over 100 branch schools of Oxford, Harvard, New York, and Boston Universities, providing equal access to their professors’ expertise, academic courses, and degrees for the local students, thus increasing their future value in the labour market. What makes a great difference with the Western world is Dubai’s topmost security. Shariat prohibiting drugs, punishment for drug dealing is up to death penalty. Alcohol trade strictly licensed, strong drinks are not easily available and extremely expensive. The local successful businessmen are not in the habit of letting alcohol flow like water. It’s just improper to do so in Dubai. That’s why many English and American parents – some states allowing the use of marijuana – have already been sending their children to Dubai. My own sons live here for this very reason. Never knowing what the future holds for us, we must do our utmost to ensure our children’s wellbeing and enable them to acquire a good education for the future.

My own path in real estate began in my student days with my making a serious decision – to buy my own flat. My parents postponing it, I had to do everything myself. So, in parallel with doing my undergraduate course and living in a student hostel, I worked as a taxi dispatcher. Having saved up 300,000 roubles, I got a 17-percent-rate mortgage loan and bought my first property for 1,790,000 roubles. Learning how the banking system works was easy enough, and I really enjoyed the process. Naturally, it was difficult at times, but I just fell in love with the real estate technology, went through the thick and thin of it, and eventually started helping my relatives and friends to get mortgage loans. So, it’s no surprise that upon graduation from a law faculty, I found myself in Yakutia’s real-estate market. Since then, I have been faithful to my choice of a career. I’ve been offered all kinds of profitable start-ups in other fields, but in this respect, I am a ‘one-man’ woman.

Down the road, Yakutia’s market proving too small for me, we relocated to Moscow City, our office still functioning there up to date. All too soon, the course of events made us hit the road once again to look for our place under the sun. I find the USA a fascinating country to visit. My three sons are American citizens. Meanwhile, the US property market disproportional in terms of taxes and a long payback period, I know better than doing business in America. For example, a 70-m2 flat in New York City, worth $1,200,000, will cost you $30,000 in taxes. Such business conditions are anything but comfortable. In the meantime, with a 4% tax on business, no mortgage or any other bank loans – Islam prohibiting any debt relationships - and interest-free installment plans easily available, Dubai provides a much better business environment. The Spanish real estate market is infamous for refugees seizing vacant property, so your house or villa must be inhabited at all times. Turkey, as recent events have revealed, lacks stability, its economy volatile, seismic danger very high, and annual inflation rate reaching 78%. We work with many countries - the USA, the UK, the EU, Russia, China, India, and others, showing a great interest in Dubai’s residential property, finding an acceptable option in each case. Dubai’s real estate market is very profitable in all segments, from premium housing estates to economy class bedroom suburbs, where you can buy a flat for a mere $150,000 – 200,000. As a comparison, the return-on-residential-property-investment period in London being 37 years and over 20 years in Moscow, it’s only 8 to 13 years in Dubai – a very short payback period indeed.

We plan to develop further, and this is what unites us and our clients. Seeing our sales results, leading Dubai developers are eager to work with our team, and we are very grateful for their trust. Our success is due to our seeing everything in perspective. We never offer anything potentially harmful, our credo being all about acting with an eye toward the future and being honest – my personal commitment in life as well. Some projects are very attractive due to their evident prospectiveness. Always trying to get first- hand knowledge of everything, I’ve already become addicted to this modus operandi. For one, I’ve bought a villa in Ras Al Khaimah that is to house a casino soon, so the future of the region seems brighter than that of Macau or Las Vegas. What we’ve got on offer at the moment does not require huge investments, but it’s just a question of time – the next five years or so. We try to be where big money is heading for, and all our clients are in the know of it. Sincerely loving people, I wish each and every one to be happy and get out of life everything it has to offer.