Yoga teacher Brinda Hora is dedicated to teaching a philosophy and practice she deeply believes in. The Indian expat, 43, resides in Dubai and is now in her 18th year. Her attitude towards money mirrors her relationship with her spiritual practice, treasured and respected, acting as an anchor as she transitions from full-time employment to pursue her own business ventures.

If you had to write a letter to money, what would you say? Dear Money, please be kind to all; we respect you more than you know. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, keep us blessed always. How would you describe your relationship with money? It's been a very interesting one, as I started a new chapter with money every time I started a new chapter in my life. How do you think this relationship was formed? My relationship with money took root at the age of 19, when I began working part-time in an advertising agency in India while finishing my last year of college. Every penny I earned was meticulously tracked, fostering a renewed relationship at the end of each month.

What good or bad lessons about money management did you learn from your mother? During my childhood, my mother managed the household finances while my father worked abroad to support us. I vividly remember her budgeting for bills and daily expenses at the start of each month, diligently recording all transactions in diaries. Perhaps I inherited this practice from her, as since establishing my business in 2020, I also meticulously document my income and expenditures using an app.

Who has taught you the most about financial management? I have always excelled in calculations. In 2016, when I pursued my passion by leaving Dubai for the first time to study Personal Training in London, followed by Hatha Yoga in Austria and Ayurveda Nutrition in Kerala, I spent nearly eight months traveling. It was my financial acumen and proficiency with excel sheets that sustained me during this period of exploration.

What do you think has been the most profound experience you've had so far in relation to money? In my experience, money bestows strength when you possess it and vulnerability when you lack it, and vice versa. When I managed to save and initiate my company, I confidently addressed fundamental necessities such as company setups and health insurance, while exercising caution in other expenditures like acquiring a new or pre-owned car, an apartment in a prime location, or establishing a studio. Nevertheless, I trust that these aspirations will materialize. I currently possess a sturdy foundation rooted in the principles and beliefs I cherish and the positive energy I radiate. Embarking on a path fueled by passion and a genuine desire to benefit others ensures that money will follow. I have faith that the Universe supports me.

If you could impart one piece of advice about money to your child or younger self, what would it be and why? Don't be too hard on yourself; savor life and cherish moments with loved ones. Exercise mindfulness in your expenditures. Abundance will manifest when intentions align with the dream of contributing to the community.

Do you strategize for your financial future, and if so, how? Initially, I did strategize until reaching my current position, which involved establishing my own company. Presently, I set 3-6 month goals, as they are more attainable. However, I harbor additional long-term plans and envisage delineated timelines and individual business strategies. Even achieving half of these objectives would signify significant fulfillment in my life purpose.

What is your long-term aspiration linked to your finances? I aspire to establish a studio for yoga and meditation classes, particularly for children, launch a center dedicated to animal health, wellness, and healing, and pen books, among other ambitions.

How much do you save monthly? I endeavor to save 15-20 per cent of my earnings per month.

What are your financial aspirations by the time you turn 65? By the age of 65, my aspiration, without quantifying it, is to possess a retreat or retirement haven where I can continue pursuing activities I adore, including caring for animals.