In Dubai, a young boy was enjoying a typical day at school when the police arrived to surprise him with a brief recognition ceremony. Ahmad Saleh Ali Muhammad, a student at Omar Bin Al Khattab School, was honored for turning in a wallet containing money to the police. Upon discovering the wallet in the Al Muhaisnah 4 area, Ahmad immediately knew his responsibility. He proceeded to Al Qusais Police Station where he handed over the wallet to the officers, aiding in its return to the rightful owner. Col Jamal Ibrahim Ali, the deputy director of Al Qusais Police Station, recognized the student in the presence of his classmates, teachers, the principal, and other police officials. The police presented Ahmad with a certificate and a special token of appreciation. Col Jamal commended the boy's honesty and encouraged the community to emulate him. Ahmad's mother expressed her gratitude to the police for acknowledging her son's actions, stating, "He fulfilled his duty by delivering the wallet to Al Qusais Police Station."