Zoho Corporation, an Indian enterprise software firm experiencing rapid growth, has announced significant investments in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, highlighting its enduring commitment to the region and its strategic expansion goals. Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho Corporation, notes that the UAE and Saudi Arabia, pivotal markets within the GCC, provide substantial opportunities for tech companies like Zoho to broaden their presence and interact with a wide array of businesses across multiple sectors. Recently, Zoho launched its first two Middle East data centers in Saudi Arabia, ensuring that local data remains within the Kingdom's borders. Vembu, also a co-founder of the billion-dollar company, told Khaleej Times that the GCC's thriving tech ecosystem and increasing demand for digital transformation are leading businesses to adopt cloud-based solutions for enhanced efficiency and innovation. Zoho's extensive range of software products, suitable for various industries and sectors, positions it well to exploit the opportunities in these markets. The company is contributing to Saudi Vision 2030 with an investment of approximately SAR 500 million and has committed to investing Dh100 million in the UAE, establishing a dedicated office in Dubai as a regional hub. Strategic partnerships with local businesses and government entities have allowed Zoho to penetrate key sectors such as finance, according to Ali Shabdar, who oversees Zoho's operations in North America. Shabdar noted that Zoho's tailored solutions for UAE businesses have solidified its market presence. The investments in the GCC demonstrate Zoho's faith in the region's economic potential and its dedication to providing world-class solutions. By utilizing local talent, forming partnerships, and investing in advanced infrastructure, Zoho seeks to establish a robust foundation for continued growth and innovation in the GCC. Zoho's cloud-based software solutions, including CRM, HR management, finance, and project management tools, have been well-received by regional businesses aiming to optimize their operations and boost productivity. Recently, Zoho announced extensive updates to its collaboration portfolio in Austin, aiming to accelerate momentum in the era of flexible, asynchronous work. Following a 78% increase in migrations from top competitors to Zoho's collaboration solutions, the company is introducing new AI, workflow automation, and industry-specific capabilities across its core collaboration tools. Zoho also introduced new features to democratize CRM for all teams involved in customer operations, allowing sales teams to manage and coordinate customer deliverables from a single platform. Additionally, Zoho has rolled out extensive updates across its collaboration portfolio to enhance momentum in the current flexible work environment. As a bootstrapped company since its inception in 1996, Zoho has plans for its innovation pipeline over the next decade and is investing in deep technologies. Zoho supports over 700,000 businesses in more than 150 countries with its suite of over 55 business applications across various functions from finance to marketing to HR.